DBpulse Manual - serice_ctrl


service_ctrl - utility to install / delete a service


service_ctrl -i -n name -l label -p program_string

service_ctrl -d -n name


This program is for Windows only! It is unnecessary for Unix environments and will not run.

service_ctrl installs (-i option) or deletes (-d option) a service. It does this by manipulating the Registry but I'm not sure exactly which keys are modified. The code itself uses CreateService() and DeleteService() from the Win32 API.

After the service has been added, you can adjust the service properties using the standard Windows interface under Computer Management -> Services and Applications -> Services. Right click the appropriate service and select Properties. The most common adjustment is the startup type (change from Manual to Automatic).

NOTE: because the service control manager (SCM) starts up at boot time, it is only aware of environment variables available at boot time. If you change K_HOME or any other environment variable, after the SCM has already started, you will need to reboot the computer in order to get the SCM to recognize those changed variables. The only way around this is to not use environment variables for service configuration changes.

This man page specifically describes how to install / delete dbpulse as a service.


install mode

delete mode

-n service_name
Any name is valid, but I recommend using: dbpulse

-l service_label
Any description is valid, but I recommend using:
    "DBpulse Performance Monitor"

-p program_string
This is the entire program string including the program name and all arguments. For a service, the -b option must be present, otherwise, dbpulse will not start as a service properly. Review the dbpulse(1) man page for all appropriate options.


Adding a new dbpulse service:

    C:\> service_ctrl -i -n dbpulse -l "DBpulse Performance Monitor" -p "C:/foresight/bin/dbpulse.exe -b -l -h dbms1 -t 30.0"

This will insert the dbpulse service into the SCM and run it with the -b, -l, -h dbms1, -t 30.0 options.

Removing the dbpulse service:

    C:\> service_ctrl -d -n dbpulse

This will delete the dbpulse service from the SCM.

Note: there is no facility to update the dbpulse service; if you wish to change anything about the dbpulse service, you have to delete it and re-install it.