While DBpulse can easily identify database performance problems, it cannot solve those problems automatically. A database tuning expert is still needed to do that. If you need help tuning a query, Foresight engineers are available on a time and materials basis to assist you. If you would rather have a fixed monthly fee, Foresight offers Performance Management Services that provide advanced Reporting and a consistent amount of tuning every month.

Foresight's Performance Management Service is designed to provide the end-user with daily reports concerning the performance of the SQL Server (stored historically for 1 year) as well as an expert to fix performance problems as they occur. Using Foresight's methodology of performance management, IT managers will:

  • Be able to publish daily database performance rating values
  • Genuinely know how well or poorly the DBMS is performing
  • Anticipate user complaints about application performance
  • Be proactively and systematically improving response time
  • Have tuning specialists on-call to correct problems
  • Minimize the cost and risks of traditional tuning methods

With Performance Management Services the database is consistently being tuned and users can expect the same level of performance on a day-to-day basis.